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How do birds fly?
Why is the sky blue?
Where do babies come from?
Why will it help starving children if I eat all my carrots?

If you thought these were the tough questions you would face as a parent, wait until you hear these! . . .

When do I get an allowance?

When will my allowance increase? . . . What do you mean, "You don't have enough money? Can't you just go to the bank and get some MORE money?"

Why can't I have a $75 video game. . . a $150 pair of basketball shoes. . . a $300 bicycle. . . a $500 prom dress???

Why do I have to SAVE for a new bike. . . a CD player. . . my college education? . . .

HEY MOM, can I borrow $30? . . . What's collateral?

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